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An Independent, Coed, Friends School, Nursery Through Grade 12


At Moses Brown, you can tune into your musical skills

From beginning to advanced instrumental and choral ensembles starting in lower school, to private lessons – the music opportunities are vast across all divisions at Moses Brown School. Our award-winning instrumental ensembles draw enthusiastic newcomers and veteran student musicians alike, while student-run, open-mic style nights provide space for the joy of making music together.


      Music Theory
      A Cappella
      String Orchestra
      String Ensembles
      Wind Ensemble
      Jazz Ensemble
      Percussion  Ensemble
      Music Production

Lower School

Students participate in general music as part of their daily special rotations. When they reach 3rd and 4th grade, they then can choose to join chorus or play an instrument as part of an ensemble.

Middle and Upper School

Students continue to hone their musical talents in private lessons and group rehearsals. The spiraling curriculum leads to musical literacy and remains ensemble-based through the 12 grade – the trajectory of MB’s student musicians from novice to expert is extraordinary to witness.  In addition to school-wide performances and various recitals throughout the year, student ensembles perform throughout the Rhode Island community and travel to out-of-state competitions.